LOUGHBOROUGH and (from 2018) STONE

Welcome to the AWGB Seminar site. This site is not an official AWGB site it is simply a photographic record of the pieces in the instant gallery on the day.

We started photographing the pieces in 2003 as a record of what was there and put them up on our website to share the work with others who were unable to attend. It now seems to have become something we do at each seminar. It gives us an opportunity to see each piece individually before walking round with our "buying hats" on and we enjoy having the photographic record to look back on - we hope you enjoy it too.

We started the record using pages on our site (the Daniel Collection) but there are so many photos that we decided it deserved a site all of its own. We've tried to keep the style very simple and let the wood speak for itself.

Please click on the links below and you should find the relevant pages.


Now a few house keeping bits ... apologies:

1. to anyone whose name we've spelt wrongly. If you contact us and let us know we will change it.

2. if we have attributed a piece of work to the wrong person. It will either because it was wrongly labelled at the show (unlikely) or because Jonathon and Shirley got the labels muddled up when they waere racing around trying to make sure they photographed everything (far more likely) or because the labels were hand written and we misread them. Again, please contact us and let us know and we'll change it

3. for the quality of some of the photos. Please remember that these are snaps of the work on the day so not up to our usual studio standard. If anyone is really disappointed with the photo of their work and wants to send a substitute photo then please do and we'll swap it in.


Finally, a few thank yous:

1. to the AWGB for organising such a fantastic event. It's a great way to catch up with everybody and find out what's going on in the wood world. Long may they continue to run this event.

2. to the demonstrators who come from far and wide and add their work to the gallery so it gives us an even harder time choosing which pieces to buy

3. to the turners who contribute work to the gallery - it is really exciting for us to see such a wide range of work in one place

4. to Charles Sharpe, the official photographer for the Top 50. Charles kindly let us use his Top 50 photos in 2005, 2007 and 2009.

5. to John Montgomery, who kindly let us use his Top 50 photos in 2018.

Jonathon took the Top 50 photos in 2011 and 2013 We don't have the Top 50 photos from 2015 .


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